Biodiesel is a renewable, non-petroleum alternative to conventional diesel fuel, and produces on average 78% less carbon than petroleum based diesel fuel. While this is true…All biodiesel is not created equal.

Reverb sources the most sustainably produced, local biodiesel available in each market that DMB tour visits. Our use of this fuel supports our environment, our economy and our communities.

*REVERB sources biodiesel using standards set forth by The Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

We know it's hard to make sure everything ends up in the right bin on the road,so REVERB provides recycling bins and signage for all production offices, dressing rooms, catering, and buses to make waste reduction simple for everyone involved in the tour. Glass, aluminum, paper and plastic products and batteries are kept out of landfills, where it can take up to one million years for some products to break down.

Fans are encouraged to bring refillable water bottles to enjoy free, filtered water from our Brita water stations in the Eco-Village and cut down on disposable plastic bottles.

In each market, we coordinate with local farmers, ranchers and dairies to provide healthy, locally grown, and organic food options for the band and crew to eat each night. This not only helps to promote local economies and support small-scale agriculture, it also keeps everyone healthy!

As a bonus, when we buy locally, the number of miles food travels from farm to plate is much smaller, meaning fewer fossil fuels used for transport and fresher food!

We calculate all CO2 emissions from buses, trucks, flights, venue energy use, and hotel accommodations in order to provide detailed analysis of the tour's carbon footprint.

Once there's have a better idea of the size of the footprint, a plan is put in place for the support of carbon offset projects like development of wind farms or planting trees. By supporting clean, renewable energy, carbon offsets are able to keep dirty energy (made by fossil fuels like coal) off the grid and pollution out of the air.

Created by the Dave Matthews Band, REVERB and IZSTYLE, the Bama Green Project encompasses all of the environmental efforts of the band while on the road, in the studio or at home. In addition, the Bama Green Project educates DMB fans around the world about how to take simple & positive environmental actions.

At each show, the BamaGreen Project will collect donations in exchange for tour Nalgene water bottles. The donations will go to supply your local food bank with fresh, non-GMO produce from a local farm. All donors will be entered to win prizes.