Exciting news! Reverb has been hard at work the past six years and are about to green our 100th Tour! Who's the band or artist? Well, that part's up to YOU!

We have set aside a generous grant and our time to help green a deserving band / artist's tour this year, and we want you to pick that band or artist! Vote now to decide who will receive a free green tour from Reverb!  Voting begins on Friday February 25th and runs through Friday March 25th.


We've checked out all your nominations and have selected the following five bands. Check them out below!

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Carbon Leaf

Carbon Leaf blends an eclectic mix of Folk-Rock, Americana, Celtic, Bluegrass, Rock and Pop for a down-home approach to creating their own unique and distinctive sound.

As Carbon Leaf approaches their 20th year of award-winning recording and non-stop touring, the band enters 2011 with more creative designs to independently produce a steady stream of new music. With nine albums already under their belt, Carbon Leaf will release Acoustic, Live...and in Cinemascope -a live 2 disc CD and accompanying DVD in mid 2011, a full length CD slated for the Fall, and multiple songs and EPs throughout the year. CarbonLeaf.com

The Giving Tree Band

The Giving Tree Band was founded in 2004 by brothers Todd and Eric Fink, and has since been recognized around the world for their music and extraordinary environmental stewardship.  They play instruments that were handmade from naturally-fallen trees and reclaimed woods with non-toxic finishes and use a drum kit made from sustainable bamboo.

Their environmental efforts are numerous as they strive to live a sustainable lifestyle both at home and on the road; they eat local, organic foods, live together with few possessions beyond their musical instruments, recycle, compost, travel by bike or biodiesel-fueled van, and record and produce carbon neutral albums. TheGivingTreeBand.com

Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom is Shawn Fogel's soaring vocals, shimmering guitar hooks; whizzing keyboards and twinkling sounds. In fact, Golden Bloom is all Shawn Fogel. Under the moniker Golden Bloom, Fogel constructs intelligent contemporary indie power pop that rivals like-minded peers such as Wilco, Matt Pond PA, and Ben Kweller.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist is so fully committed to his music that when he records an album, he plays nearly every instrument himself; tracking layers of his own vocal melodies for some of the purest and most encouraging indie pop out today.  GoldenBloom.net

Jukebox the Ghost

Jukebox the Ghost has passionate fans. Fans who've gone so far as to tattoo the band's logo on their body or drive for days to see their shows, or post lovesick monologues dedicated to their glory on YouTube.

Through a dogged work ethic and near-obsessive touring -- headlining and alongside heavyweights like Ben Folds, Guster, Barenaked Ladies, and Adam Green (The Moldy Peaches) -- the band has cultivated a rabid fan base independently, from the ground up. JukeboxTheGhost.com

Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers

"SK6ERS," as they're also affectionately known, have carved a determined, inspiring path since forming in 2003. An exceptional live act given to high-energy showmanship, The Sixers are closing in on their 1000th show with a newfound grit and gratitude. 

Many bands talk about "keeping it real," but in The Sixers' case, they mean it. "We're not up there projecting a personality we can't believe in. I think it's important to go with the feel of each moment and take chances."