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arenaked Planet is the Barenaked Ladies' way of communicating to you about environmental and social issues that have become increasingly important to them. On their fall tour, Reverb is working hard to coordinate several different “greening” mechanisms: we're helping fuel their tour buses and trucks with biodiesel, offset the energy used at each show with wind power, recycle and use compostable materials backstage, and we're inviting incredible local and national groups to be a part of Barenaked Planet so that fans at each venue can learn about issues in their area and get engaged.

At Barenaked Planet you can also win a guitar signed by the band, enter a raffle to win one of five solar backpacks, test out some eco-friendly products and most importantly purchase a Barenaked Planet sticker which will fund the offset of a concert-goers drive to and from the show with clean, green wind power.

Why are they doing all of this? It's their way of addressing the serious threats of global warming, industrial pollution, forest destruction, our overdependence on oil and a host of other challenges. Things that were once considered “alternative” are now viable consumer choices that each person can make.

Check out Barenaked Planet here on-line or get tickets to a show and come on by and say hi!

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