Zerofootprint is a not-for-profit that makes it easy for people and organizations to reduce their environmental impact. The CO2 emissions from Barenaked Ladies’ travel on this tour will be mitigated through Zerofootprint Offsets to help fight climate change. Green your life. Visit to learn how.
  The Green Energy Challenge helps Canadians save energy, save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We do this by helping them identify saving opportunities, quantify grennhouse gas reductions and offer prizes for their efforts. Please visit
  Founded in 1993, the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote renewable fuels for transportation through consumer awareness and government liaison activities. The CRFA membership is comprised of representatives from all levels of the ethanol and biodiesel industry, including: grain and cellulose ethanol producers, biodiesel producers, fuel technology researchers, and agricultural associations.
  This Barenaked Ladies tour is bullfrogpowered™ with 100% green electricity. Bullfrog Power, sources power exclusively from wind and low-impact water power generators that meet or exceed the EcoLogo(M) standard for renewable electricity. For information on switching your home or business, visit
  Go for Green, Active Living and Environmental Solutions, is a national non-for-profit, charitable organization that encourages Canadians to pursue healthy, outdoor physical activities that protect, enhance or restore the environment. We aim to inform Canadians about healthy, active lifestyle choices, and nurture commitment and action …to improve personal health and the health of the environment. Visit

WWF-Canada works to save nature by protecting species and their habitats; by ensuring our use of natural resources is sustainable; and by helping individuals, companies and governments reduce pollution. One of WWF-Canada’s current top priorities is fighting global warming.

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  Since 1962 the Nature Conservancy of Canada has been working with Canadians all across the country to save our Natural Masterpieces. To-date we have protected of over 1.9 million acres ensuring a safe habitat for species and a natural legacy for future generations.
  The Canadian Association of Food Banks (CAFB) is an umbrella organization representing a national network of regional and community food banks. CAFB conducts research, engages in public education and advocates for public policy change to eliminate the causes of hunger and food insecurity in Canada. CAFB operates the National Food Sharing System which distributes large, corporate food donations to member food banks across the country. Your donation of food will help people in your community. Thank you for your generosity!
  Sierra Club of Canada is a national watchdog that defends the environment at the local, regional and national level. We’re volunteer-driven for honest advocacy, and effective activism.
  Earth Institute Canada offers interactive web-based programs to help Canadian home owners, small business and large enterprises save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  You can actually help a new Native American-owned wind farm get built. Compensate for your global warming pollution and help NativeEnergy build new renewable energy projects that generate more than just electricity; they also help Native American tribes develop sustainable economies based on the gift of wind. or call 800-924-6826
  The mission of The Naked Truth Project is to serve as a resource for nontoxic living by exposing the truth about the products that we use everyday. They teach people what’s really in those products, how they could affect their health, and most importantly, what they can use instead.
  First Act has kindly donated guitars that are autographed by BNL. There will be a silent auction for these instruments tonight in the eco-village.
  Mad Gabs produces products that are free of petroleum or petroleum
derivatives, synthetics, artificial flavors, and fragrance oils. We use only pure, easy-to-pronounce ingredients. Our products are never tested on animals (we have willing friends and family for that), have simple, gentle formulas, and are packaged in recyclable containers. Our goal is to participate in revolutionizing capitalism with honesty, integrity and sound business practices.
  Stonyfield Farm is committed to healthy food, healthy people and a healthy
planet. We make great tasting, natural and certified organic yogurts that contain no artificial ingredients. We are dedicated to your health and the health of our planet, that is why we contribute 10% of our profits to efforts that help protect and restore the earth. Care to learn more, visit us at
  Evergreen is an innovative charity that builds the relationship between nature, culture and community in urban spaces. Since 1991, we have engaged people in creating and sustaining healthy, dynamic outdoor spaces across Canada—in schools, communities and homes. Our entrepreneurial approach to social responsibility creates vibrant neighbourhoods, a healthy natural environment and a sustainable society for all.