This is actually the fifth year the Honda Civic Tour has been not only about music and cars but ecological sensitivity, energy conservation and sustainable practices.  And this is the second year that Reverb, a nonprofit organization dedicated to “greening” concert tours, has helped the Honda Civic Tour walk it like it talks it.

Paramore, Reverb and Honda have teamed up on the 2010 tour so you, too, can get down with your bad green selves.  Roll on over to the Honda Hybrid Zone to see what we mean.

Tickets = Action!

Geniuses that you are, you’ve already gotten your green on simply by buying a ticket to the show.  That’s because a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales go toward boosting the 2010 Honda Civic Tour’s capacity to make positive environmental change.  For more on the tour’s earth-friendly do-gooding, browse your way to or




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