As a part of our efforts to green tours while engaging artists and their fans, we have developed three major programs to support local farmers and the communities they serve.


The REVERB Farm-to-Family program supports local, community-scale farms and hungry families in need across the country. Farm-to-Family donates CSA shares to community food-banks in order to support community-scale farms with valuable capital for the next growing season and provide high quality, local produce to needy families who don't otherwise have access to it. This program shines light on the issues of hunger in America and the plight of the family farmer while putting local produce in the hands of families in need and dollars in the pockets of local farmers.


Farm-to-Stage was the first local agriculture program that REVERB developed and has been adopted by many of the tours REVERB works with. This program connects local farmers and artisans with tour chefs and local caterers in order to put local ingredients on the plates of artist and their bands and crew in every community they visit. This practice reduces the amount of petroleum-based fuel used and the associated emissions related to the transport of food items across the country or the world, and puts dollars back into local economies while supporting community-scale agriculutre.

REVERB currently provides local food resources to bands including: The Dave Matthews Band, PHISH, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Fruition String Band.


Many of the service events created by REVERB coordinate with musicians and their fans directly to support local farms and sustainable agriculture projects. Check some examples below.

For more information on the importance of American Family Farming visit our partners Farm Aid at