Take Action

Get involved! Whether you're a fan, non-profit organization, business, or artist we've got lots of ways you can connect with the Reverb community.

Every year Reverb works with thousands of volunteers who help us promote environmental sustainability at concerts across the country. We want YOU to be one of them! Check out the current volunteer opportunities. Can't volunteer? Consider making a donation! Reverb is in the unique position to reach hundreds of thousands of music fans every year, and we want to share the wealth! If you're interested in tabling at a concert or partnering with Reverb to reach the masses with your environmental message, please get in touch with tanner@reverb.org.


As a non-profit Reverb relies on the generous monetary and in-kind support of environmentally and socially responsible businesses. If you're interested in supporting our mission or sponsoring the greening of a tour, please get in touch with josh@reverb.org. Reverb is proud to work with musicians and others in the music industry to make touring as green as possible, with both fan outreach and greening behind the scenes. If you're interested in greening your tour, check out our resources, or get in touch with info@reverb.org.