What We Do

Reverb brings turn-key on-the-ground greening to musicians' tours while conducting grassroots outreach and engagement with music fans everywhere.

In addition to our work with artists, Reverb consults with a number of businesses in the music industry including venues, record labels, and radio stations.

On-Site Coordinator
Green Rider & Venue Advance
Biodiesel Fueling Coordination
Waste Reduction & Recycling
Hospitality & Catering
Carbon Offsets
Non-Profit Groups
Fan Carbon Offset Program
Eco-Concert Program
Jumbotron Slideshow
Greening Website
Online Carpooling

on-site coordinator

For the most in-depth level of greening on artists’ tours, Reverb provides an Environmental Tour Coordinator who is included in the tour’s crew to execute and oversee all greening efforts and fan outreach onsite at each show.

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green rider & venue advance

Many greening actions can be incorporated into a Green Rider. Reverb will:
  • Develop a customized Green Contract Rider for your tour and integrate into existing Tour Rider
  • Advance the greening requirements and requests with each venue
  • Leverage our relationships with major concert promoters to bring additional emphasis to venue greening elements
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biodiesel fueling coordination

Reverb works with many bus and truck companies that allow the use of biodiesel in their fleets, and has long time relationships with local suppliers in every major tour market. Reverb's biodiesel coordination includes:
  • Working with the production team and drivers to arrange on-site biodiesel fuelings at venues and alternate pump locations
  • Sourcing biodiesel from the most locally produced and sustainable stock available. Reverb’s Adam Gardner is an Honorary Board Member of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance
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waste reduction & recycling

Reverb assists with large-scale waste reduction and recycling initiatives, including:
  • Providing and setting up recycling bins and signage for all production offices, dressing rooms, catering and buses
  • Coordinating the recycling of glass, aluminum, paper, cardboard, plastic and batteries
  • Advancing with venues and coordinating with local waste management companies to provide maximum recycling
  • Providing resources for rechargeable batteries for in-ear-monitor packs to reduce battery waste
  • Coordinating a compost system for food waste and biodegradable catering products
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hospitality & catering

Reverb will source and provide eco-friendly choices backstage including:
  • Providing reusable water bottles for band and crew to reduce plastic bottle waste
  • Setting up backstage water stations to fill reusable bottles
  • Providing non-petroleum based biodegradable catering products to replace traditional plastic and paper disposables
  • Connecting caterers with local family farms to source organic produce, meat and dairy options
  • Providing green cleaning products for buses
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carbon offsets

Once the above steps are taken to reduce a tour’s carbon footprint, Reverb helps neutralize what remains, including:
  • Calculating all CO2 emission from buses and trucks, flights, venue energy use, and hotel accommodations
  • Sourcing the highest quality carbon offset projects (with band input) that support family farms, Native American and local communities to neutralize CO2 footprint of the tour
  • Provide detailed analysis of the tour’s carbon footprint as well as statistics to communicate those numbers in real world terms
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Erected by our onsite coordinator(s) at each show, our festival-like Eco-Village serves to educate and engage fans in a fun and interactive way, featuring:
  • A modular village that can transform to fit any venue or location
  • Local and national environmental non-profit groups
  • Green technology displays and exhibits
  • Eco-friendly product sampling
  • Fan contests to win cool prizes like meet & greets and autographed merchandise
  • Reverb Fan Carbon Offset Program
  • Customization to reflect the interests and image of the artist
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non-profit groups

  • Reverb invites local organizations (with band input) to participate in the Eco-Village at each show
  • Over 1,700 organizations across North America have participated in the Reverb Eco-Village
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fan carbon offset program

Reverb offers fans an easy way to neutralize their commute right at the show by:
  • Creating a band-approved merchandise item (sticker, button, etc.) that fans receive as a thank you for their small donation to the program
  • Providing information about how carbon offsets work
  • Offering chances to win awesome prizes
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  • Recruited, screened and trained by Reverb staff
  • Combination of past Reverb volunteers as well as new artist-specific fans
  • 6-12 volunteers present at each show, educating fans, promoting the fan carbon offset program and distributing the Eco-Concert Program
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eco-concert program

  • Pocket-sized takeaway for fans
  • Printed on eco-friendly paper
  • Highlighting Tour’s greening efforts, and non-profit groups
  • Simple calls to action for fans
  • Distributed by Reverb volunteers on-site
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jumbotron slideshow

Reverb can create a silent slideshow to be played during set breaks and prior to the show, featuring:
  • Eco-trivia
  • Information about tour greening
  • Text messaging contests and campaigns
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greening website

Reverb creates and designs custom greening websites to serve as a sister site to Artists’ official website, featuring:
  • A summary of Artist environmental efforts
  • Informational resources for fans who want to go green
  • Calls to action for fans
  • Band member PSAs encouraging action
  • Exclusive content, song downloads or smaller online prize giveaway as fan incentives for action
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online carpooling

Over 70% of the CO2 footprint of any tour is a result of fans driving to and from shows.
  • With our partner PickupPal, fans can arrange to carpool to and from the concert through a free website
  • Reverb can arrange priority parking programs with Live Nation venues to further incentivize those who are carpooling
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